Progressive Web Apps: Why it matters for e-Commerce business

Progressive Web Apps: Why it matters for e-Commerce business
April 11, 2023 28 view(s)
Progressive Web Apps: Why it matters for e-Commerce business

ECommerce businesses from all around the world have started enforcing Progressive Web operation (PWA) slowly to get a competitive edge over their challengers. 
One of the reasons for this is substantially because the maturity of consumers are preferring to shop through mobile bias. So, it makes sense to transform their standard online stores into PWA (Progressive Web Applications) to give a mobile app-like experience. 
What's a Progressive Web App?  

 At its core, a Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web application that uses the latest web capabilities to deliver a native app- suchlike experience to druggies. It's the technology that will bring density between web and native apps and replace both with a single specimen.  

  Historically, native apps handed a important richer experience than the mobile web, creating high engagement with the end stoner. A Progressive Web operation is a website that looks and behaves in the same way as a native app, which means they're incredibly presto, can be added to the home screen of a smartphone, shoot drive announcements and indeed work offline.  


 Progressive Web Apps are  

  1. Reliable 

They load incontinently, anyhow of the network state. They exclude dependence on a network connection, assuring an instant and dependable user experience, indeed with bad or lacking internet connection.  

  1. Incredibly presto 

 Still, clients leave, making you miss out on implicit deals, If your point is slow. PWA’s load extremely fast and respond snappily to stoner relations. Bettered website performance appreciatively affects conversion, stoner experience, and retention rates.  

  1. Largely engaging 

 They give a true native app experience, including web capabilities similar as the option to shoot Push announcements and appear on the home screen. 


Is Really Business Needs a Progressive Web App: 

With mobile business surpassing desktop business — presently 60% of business is coming from mobile bias — it's pivotal for merchandisers to give the stylish shopping experience to engage their followership. While mobile business is growing, conversion rates of mobile business still accounts for only 16% of total conversion.  

Google reports that when an ecommerce store is switching to a Progressive Web App, they generally witness a 20% profit boost overall, with conversion rates on mobile doubling in some cases.  

Any new and being webstore should consider delivering their services not just as a standard online store, but as a Progressive Web app. With the maturity of ecommerce websites not espousing this new technology yet, they represent a rare and instigative occasion to get ahead of the competition. 


Progressive Web App Benefits: 

 After an insight into what's a progressive web app, it's essential to understand the serviceability of the same. Progressive web apps have wide-ranging advantages that are both technical in nature and directly beneficial to business. 

  • PWA apps are less in size which makes them fast to load. In addition to that, there's no need for installation also. This helps in freeing up the phone memory. 
  • Another eye- catching point of PWA apps is offline functionality. Thus, these can be used without an internet connection and doesn't eat up on the data. This significantly contributes to the client experience. 
  • Push Notifications are an effective way to get user’s attention. Until now, this point was confined to native apps only. PWA apps give this feature as well. 
  • In the case of native apps, there's a constant necessary for streamlining. Manual updates are tedious and updates through mobile data take in a high level of data consumption. PWA apps are free from similar hassles. 
  • These applications are key in increasing SEO ranking and accessibility. Since PWA apps load quickly, which helps you to win SEO
  • Incipiently, they can be veritably useful towards wide-ranging market outreach, therefore benefiting the brand recognition factor.


Progressive web apps are a significant to step forward into application development segment. Mobile application and websites both contribute significantly towards enhancing client experience. PWA apps are a step ahead in this approach. They combine the stylish of both the mobile application and website features. It's important to understand that every business has its veritably own app. still, downloading and installing apps for every product, service or platform isn't a doable result. PWAs are a fresh outlook to the script. Without installation, progressive web apps give the benefits of website browsing through the look and sense of the operation. Therefore, it can be prognosticated that they're the future in the app development sector. As a Ecommerce store development company we are ready to convert your web application to progressive web application. 

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